Mata Sundri Ji

The Great Mother of Khalsa", as she is popularly known among the Sikh masses, was the consort of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.Born on 23rd Dec. 1667, she was married to the Guru in 1686.She gave birth to a son, the eldest Sahibzada Ajit Singh in 1687. Hers was a remarkable personality that blended to a nicety, the diverse roles of a devoted wife, a spiritual mother and a confident and far-sighted guide of the masses. After the death of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Sikh masses found themselves in a state of disarray, primarily because of state terror, in addition to other hardships. In this difficult situation, it was Mata Sundri Ji who served as their guide, raised their drooping spirits, and virtually breathed new life into them by means of her sagacity, erudition and spiritual power. She was wise enough to pick an able ally in her resuscitative mission, namely, Bhai Mani Singh, a tactful and devout Sikh who had unflinching faith in the late Guru's ideology. Besides guiding the Sikh masses deftly in an absolutely critical situation, Mataji established a Training Academy at Amritsar, headed by Bhai Mani Singh, and thereby, in starting the teaching of Sikh scriptures, she played a commendable role in giving a new lease of life to Sikh religious values. It was she who got the writings of Guru Gobind Singh collected and compiled as "Dasam Granth". What is more, she persuaded the devout Sikhs to prepare copies of the holy hymns of the Great Adi Granth Sahib.

Further, Mata Sundri ji took care to ensure that the tradition of "langar" (free community kitchen) continued to flourish. Her reputation was such that devotees would come to seek her blessings from such distance places as Kabul and Kandhar . She always treated every Sikhs as her own child. Yet she was not only a kind mother but a confident and fearless leader , a virtual embodiment of the ideal enshrined in the following words of the great Ninth Guru "Bhai Kahu Ko Det Neh, Neh Bhai Manat Aan" i.e. 'Neither frighten nor fear any one'.

When some differences arose between two groups of Sikhs , i.e. Tat Khalsa and Bandai Khalsa, she used her wisdom and power of loving persuasion to settle the dispute to the satisfaction , of both the groups . Her conduct was always bold , principled , affectionate, and impartial and almost half of her life of 80 years was devoted to the welfare of the Sikh masses. Nothing ruffled her equanimity and it was this, coupled with her missionary commitment ,which enabled her to consummate the Guru's half -done tasks admirably.

This, indeed , is why she is regarded as a front rank personality in Sikh history . Her whole life was dedicated to the spiritual advancement and general welfare of the masses. Today , when moral values have declined , her lofty personality shines all the more , by virtue of sheer contrast.

For about forty years Mata ji stayed at the place which the present Gurudwara Mata Sundri ji occupies. Our college too is quite close to this blessed place, and it is an index of our homage to her memory that this college has been named after her.

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