Admission Process

All the applicants seeking admission to the Undergraduate (UG) Programmes/Courses, for which the admission is based on merit of XII class Board results (i.e. there is no entrance test) in different colleges of the University of Delhi (DU), are required to register online at the following UG admission portal.

  1. The applicants must check the centralized Admission Web Portal and respective college website for cut-offs for different Programmes.
  2. The applicants who meet the requisite cut-off should log in to the UG admission portal into their registration account and select college/programme where the applicant wishes to take admission and meet the desired cut off criterion.

  3. The applicant shall take the print out of the admission form and together with the list of documents/certificates , and proceed to the respective college for verification of mark-sheet/certificates, calculation of cut-off percentage depending on the programme/course.

  4. The college will retain the certificates of approved applicant in order to avoid multiple admissions. The certificates will remain with the colleges during the admission process.

  5. However, the colleges shall promptly return the documents in case student withdraws/cancels the admission or student wishes to appear in counselling of any other university/ institute.

  6. After this, the college will approve the admission on the UG admission portal. The applicant will then be required to log-on to the UG admission portal to make the online Admission Fee payment through the available online payment options. The approved applicant is permitted to make online admission fee payment till 12 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline.

  7. It may be noted that your admission in the college is completed only after realization of the fee payment on the UG Admission Portal of the University of Delhi within the prescribed time-limit.

  8. An applicant can take admission only in one programme in one college at any given time. In case a student wishes to withdraw/cancel the admission in a programme/college, one should approach the college where the admission is taken. Only after the college cancels, the admission, the applicant can proceed to take admission in other programme/college. Admission Fee will be adjusted automatically and student will pay the balance fee, if the fee is more in the new college/programme in which the admission is taken. In case the fee is less in the new college/programme in which the admission is taken, the balance would be refunded to the applicant’s account as per the College/University rules after the admissions are closed.

  9. The college shall admit all applicants who meet the announced cut-off criteria. There will not be any “first come first served” policy.

  10. The college shall admit all applicants who meet the announced cut-off criteria. There will not be any “first come first served” policy.

  11. The Applicant who could not take admission in a given cut-off list may be considered for admission on the last day of admission in the immediate next cut-off list only, subject to availability of seats.

  12. There shall not be any “Any Additional Eligibility Criterion for any category in any college/Programme.

  13. The College shall strictly follow the University guidelines with respect to gap year policy. The applicants with gap year(s) will not be at any disadvantage for the purpose of admission to the undergraduate programmes.

  14. It may be noted that for document verification and approval of admission following timing will be observed. Timings: 10 AM to 1 PM

  15. For admission to B.A. (Prog.) Course, a deduction of 2% on "Best Four" percentage is imposed if there is a change of stream, which means either from Commerce stream to Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences or from Science stream to Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences.
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