Course Offered


  • B.A. (Hons) Philosophy
  • Philosophy papers in other undergraduate program courses

The Philosophy department was established at the college in 1969. The department is engaged in teaching ‘Logical Reasoning’, ‘Ethics: Theory and Practice’, ‘Formal Logic’, ‘Philosophical Debates’, ‘Ethics in Public Domain’, ‘Theory of Consciousness’, ‘Social Enquiry’, ‘Human Rights’, ‘Gender and Environment’ and ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ papers to other Honours courses.

Philosophy as a subject provides a strong platform to students to develop the ability to critically analyze various theoretical concepts and become genuine critiques of other inter related faculties of social sciences. Logical dissection of an issue enables the disciples of philosophy to arrive at the truth through objectivity and certainty of facts. At the same time by looking at an issue from the multi dimensional perspectives, it imbues them with the spirit of pluralism and coexistence of multiple truths (vantage points). This develops decision making abilities from other‘s perspectives and evolution of moral leadership for the society at large. It has strong underpinnings for other ethical faculties like human rights, ecology, democracy, and peace and conflict studies etc.

Last year, the department had organised a ‘Philosophy Meet’. An essay competition, photography competition, poetry recitation and a department anthem competition were the highlights of event. Prof. H.S. Prasad (HOD, Dept. Of Philosophy, University of Delhi) gave a lecture on “Understanding Advaita Vedanta: A Buddhist Perspective”.

Faculty Members

Attendance Rules

The students are required to attend not less than 67% of the lectures, theory and practicum courses, separately during each semester in order to enable them to appear for university examinations.

Assessment Scheme

The assessing procedures usually include written assignments, projects, house exam and presentations. Final examinations are held in the month of November and May.


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