Course Offered


  • B.A. (Hons) Psychology
  • Psychology papers in other undergraduate program courses

The Psychology department was established at the college in 1985. In the Department of Psychology, focus is laid on equipping the students with not just sound theoretical foundation of the subject matter but also aim at developing in them the acumen of skilled psychologists.

To enrich the teaching-learning process, text book information is supplemented with various other pedagogic tools including role plays, audio-visual aids, You Tube videos. Experts from the field and academia are regularly invited to share their ideas to enrich the teaching-learning process. A workshop was conducted by the department on “Conflict Management & Resolution” by Prof. Anand Prakash ( Dean International Relations and an expert in the area of Group Dynamics, Interpersonal Relations and Soft skills) in March, 2015. Department also organised Skill Development workshop on “Positive Psychology” jointly conducted by the Dept of Psychology and the Innovation Project team in January 2015. An Interactive Session with Mr. Vivekanand Vivek on “Yoga and Stress Alleviation” was jointly conducted by the Department of Psychology and the Innovation Project team during September 2014.

In short, the department of psychology envisages developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and other characteristics (KSAOCs) in students which shape them into becoming not just thoroughbred professionals in the future but also mature and sensitive individuals, responsible citizens with integrity and strength of purpose and character, who are able to have a constructive influence on the lives of people they touch.

Faculty Members

Attendance Rules

The students are required to attend not less than 67% of the lectures, theory and practicum courses, separately during each semester in order to enable them to appear for university examinations.

Assessment Scheme

The assessing procedures usually include written assignments, projects, house exam and presentations. Final examinations are held in the month of November and May.


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