Department of Statistics


Statistics is a dynamic discipline that aims at the development and application of methodologies for inference and data analysis for science, medicine, business and society. A current challenge facing the field is the exponential growth of data being generated worldwide that await analysis. A consequence is that the demand for skilled statisticians has been steadily rising. Statistics uses tools from mathematics, probability and computing to develop specific statistical approaches for prediction, classification, learning,estimation and hypothesis testing. The faculty is committed to provide students with excellent training and a broad education in Statistics. There are plenty of job opportunities available for a Statistics (Hons) graduate in government, private and aided organizations. Statistics graduates are especially sought by analytics firms. Students who want to go for higher education can also pursue varied courses available for higher studies.

“Asymptote” Society

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science of Mata Sundri College for Women is having a very dynamic Society named “Asymptote”, which is very enthusiastically handled by the students and teachers. Asymptote has been actively organizing events all-round the year.


  • B.Sc. Statistics Honours

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Attendance Rules

The students are required to attend not less than 67% of the lectures, theory and practicum courses, separately during each semester in order to enable them to appear for university examinations.

Assessment Scheme

A continuous process of internal assessment takes place during each semester that includes theory as well as practicum courses. The assessing procedures usually include written assignments, projects, house exam and presentations. Final examinations are held in the month of November and May.

It is mandatory for a student to secure minimum 40% marks in each theory paper during final examinations, 40% in the internal assessment, 40% in all Practicum courses taken together and 40% in the aggregate for each semester, to pass the examination.