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The Sun Foundation is organized exclusively for education, scientific, and charitable purposes. Specifically, the Foundation shall research, design, produce, and disseminate educational materials that advance and develop integrative and interdisciplinary studies between artists and scientists and the understanding thereof, to enable humankind to live in harmony with nature, by securing a quality environment for all life, thereby enriching the human condition.

Sun Foundation’s mission is to empower the under privileged section of our society and to bring about a change in our perception towards ‘giving back’ to our society. With holistic approach, the foundation has created a substantial and lasting change in the lives of women by enabling girls and women through skill development at vocational training centre to create a better future for themselves.

This year Sun Foundation, an initiative of Padma Shri S. Vikramjit Singh Sahney has set up a free Skill Development and Vocational Training Centre under the Project ‘Surya Kiran’ at Mata Sundri College , which provides three One Year Programme in Textile Design, Fashion Design & Graphic Design . The aim of these programme is to tap the aesthetic from young girls and to transform them into professionally skilled folks. Each of the stream is equipped to train 35 girls and the training is being provided free of cost. New Industrial machine, instruments, printing table and small reference library in a colourful and creative classroom is there to provide encouragement to the girls. Understanding of fabric, surface, colour combinations and the knowledge of Indian Textile will be the strength of Fashion and Textile students. This will enable them to work under designers and also to export and import houses.

Sun Foundation,an NGO provides free Skill Development VocationalTraining at the College premises for the following courses.

One Year Certificate Courses:

  • Fashion Design : It is a comprehensive Course to develop a s towards Fashion.The course includes knowledge of elements etc.
  • Graphic Design:It is an art of communication through text an being practiced on computer in present times.It includes: Pain Draw,Adobe Photoshop, andAdobe Illustrator.
  • Textile Design:This Course is aimed to develop the knowled unstitched apparels and apparels of home furnishings.

Six Months Courses:

  • • Embroidery and Surface Orientation
  • PersonalGrooming
  • Basics of Computer
  • Speak Smart
  • Lifestyle Product Development
  • Dress Making

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