Sun Foundation

Sun Foundation Courses

Sun Foundation has been affiliated to “Apparel Made-Up & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council” (AMHCC) and the courses taught are approved by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). It conducts the following courses:

  • Fashion Designer AMH/Q1201> (Eligibility:12th Pass Duration:8 Months)

    Certificate course in fashion design is a Fast Track programme, designed to prepare and train students to step in the world of fashion industry. This course includes training in conducting trend analysis for particular season and market research for viable business plan and also teaching them how to create Tech Pack for different styles. It gives a platform to showcase one’s imagination and creativity in runway along with required international exposure.

    Job Opportunities

    • Freelance Design Consultants
    • Fashion Forecasters
    • Fashion Trend Forum Organizers
    • Costume Designer
    • Fashion Illustrator
    • Stylist
    • Designer
    • Pattern Masters
    • Entrepreneurs

  • Quality Assessor (Eligibility:12th Pass Duration:8 Months)

    The quality assessor should be able to carry out quality control/quality assurance processes, understand products and processes required at various stages of production for meeting the expectation of production and for satisfaction of final customers. The individual must have understanding of the processes. She should have clarity of standards and must uphold the process integrity. She must work as team and try and build quality rather than control quality.

    • Quality manager
    • Quality control executive
    • Quality assessor(buying house)
    • Quality assessor(cutting department )
    • Quality assessor (production department)
    • Quality assessor(quality department)

  • Merchandiser AMH/Q0901(Eligibility:Graduate Duration:8 Months)

    Merchandising refers to the art of displaying and packaging products so they sell more effectively. This involves market research, planning and proper promotion. In the world of fashion, designers and retailers must understand what their target markets need and how to provide it to them merchandiser. A merchandising course teaches those in the fashion industry how to research and then reach their target markets through effective presentation of fashion products. A course in merchandising provides the foundation to understanding how product displays affect an audience's reception of a particular product. It also teaches those in the fashion industry how to study their target markets. The end result is greater sales

    Job Opportunities

    • Merchandiser
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Fabric and Trim Buyer
    • Planning Director
    • Catalog Production Manager
    • Fashion Buyer
    • Fashion Director

  • Sewing Machines Operator Amh/q0301(Eligibility:5th Pass Duration:8 Months)

    Sewing machine operations involves stitching of components of garments together using a sewing machine. The role of sewing machine operator is very critical to the industry as it enhances the quality of the product. A sewing machine operator should have eyehand- leg coordination, motor skills and vision, depth perception and ability to change focus.

    Job Opportunities

    • Sampling Tailor
    • Senior Tailor
    • Line Supervisor
    • Own Unit