About Inter -State University Cultural Competition

Theme : Wedding Songs of India"

Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year. To commemorate this joyous occassion, a series of events are being organized. One such event is Inter-State Cultural event "VehraShagna Da" in association with Punjabi Academy. The event is meant to revive and revitalize the fast disappearing tradition of indigenous marriage songs. These marriage songs are not just a celebration of the nuptial bond of the newly-weds but also a marker of the close-Knit communal network of socialization, especially between women. Each state has a rich reservoir of marriage songs which are tied with the celebration of the various rituals in and around marriage ceremonies. In today's fast paced world they seem to be losing their popularity. This event is meant to invoke, once again, the zest for life that lies at the centre of these marriage songs. It is an ode to the spell binding vitality and mind boggling diversity of the marriage songs from the various states across India.